About the restoration

After seeing a VFR400 on the road in my local town, I knew I was in love with these bikes; this is very rare for me to see a motorcycle and immediately love its style. I thought to myself at the time I would not see many of these about. I researched and saw that the one I had seen was an NC30; I liked its styling but then noticed an NC24 mislabelled up on eBay as an NC30, and I liked the styling more.


I didn't have the funds to buy the bike, so I waited out to afford the bike. Time went by, and I kept looking, but then I dislocated my shoulder playing rugby which put me out of riding for nearly 2 1/2 years.

Once my shoulder had recovered from the 2nd operation, I found what I thought looked like a nice condition bike. I felt that it just needed a bit of tender loving care to get it into perfect condition. How wrong I was. After getting it home and looking into it more, there was an extreme amount of things needing to fix on the bike. I set to work doing this and got it up to a lovely standard; I got the bike featured on a limited run of 400greybike forum calendars, which was my highlight of working on the bike.

After a bit of riding the bike for a few weeks, I noticed a few issues. Primarily the exhaust sounded pathetic. I got hold of a new exhaust for the bike. As you have to remove the engine to replace the exhaust, I thought this was the perfect time to do the motorbike thoroughly. I had been saving up to a complete motorbike stripdown and rebuild, replacing anything needed and upgrading as I saw necessary. This rebuild was to get the bike into the best condition I could. I think I have now done that; this website intends to show off this bike which is becoming rarer and rarer. I and my bike are the same age (33 years old as of 2021), I don't know its exact build date, but I know 1987.

So, all in all, I now own my dream bike, have this website and hope to get a lot more enjoyment of riding this bike as much as I can.

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